Configuring MS Outlook Express to work with mail server

Introduction runs Cyrus IMAP server. For general information on using an IMAP server please go here.

Our mail server provides two ways to access the IMAP server: secured and un-secured. Unsecured means - your messages theoretically could be intersepted, but not your username and password - they are transmitted with encryption.

Configuration steps

Here are the steps you would need to do.

1. Start Microsoft Outlook Express. If you're running Outlook Express for the first time do not create mail account, just click Cancel button. Then click "Accounts" in the "Tools" menu.

2. You will get the Internet Accounts dialog. Open "Mail" page, click on "Add" button then click "Mail" on the pop-up menu:
Internet Accounts dialog

3. Enter your full name and click "Next":
Username input dialog

4. Enter your e-mail address and click "Next":
e-mail address input dialog

5. Select IMAP as server type. Enter "" as name of the incoming and outgoing mail servers name. Then click "Next":
Mailserver main settings

6. Enter your username and your password, check "Remember password" and click "Next":
Account name and password input dialog

7. Then click "Finish":
Account creation last dialog

8. Now some additional settings should be configured. Select "" in the list of e-mail accounts and click "Properties" button.
e-mail accounts list

9. Open "Servers" page and check "My server requires authentification": Servers

10. Open "Advanced" page, check "This server requires a secure connection (SSL)" for both outgoing and incoming mail and click "OK".

11. Then you will return to the accounts window, click "Close" button:

12. Outlook Express will ask you about folders downloading. Click "Yes":
Would you like to download folders from the mail server you added?

13. Outlook Express will connect to mailserver and will warn you about security certificate, let Outlook Express use mailserver by clicking "Yes" button:

14. After downloading folders from mailserver the following window will appear, just click "OK" to close it:
Список папок

15. Outlook Express configuration is done, you can see "" mailserver in the Outlook Express folders tree, also folders on are visible:

By default, only "Inbox" folder is synchronized with mail server, so if you want to use other folders while being offline then check folders those should be synchronized too.

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