Configuring The Bat! v 2.0 on Windows to work with mail server

Introduction runs Cyrus IMAP server. For general information on using an IMAP server please go here

Our mail server provides two ways to access the IMAP server: secured and un-secured. Unsecured means - your messages theoretically could be intersepted, but not your username and password - they are transmitted with encryption.

Configuration steps

Here are the steps you would need to do.

1. Select "Accounts" --> "New..." from the menu. This will bring up the account creation dialog. Name the account the way you want it:
Account Creation Dialog

2. Click on "Next" button to continue. Next dialog will appear. Please enter your full name, e-mail address and organisation (if you want it to appear as a part of your e-mail address):
Account Wizard

3. Select "IMAP - Internet Messaging Access Protocol" as your mail access method. Set as your incoming (IMAP) and outgoing (SMTP) mail server. Note that you have to check the "My SMTP server requires authentication for sending mail" check box.
Your Name

4. Enter your user name and password. Uncheck the "Do not use Trash folder for deletion" check box. Click "Next"
Server Type

5. Answer "Yes" on a question "Do you want to review your account settings now?". Click "Finish" button.

6. On the settings dialog panel, go to "Transport" pad. Select "Secure to regular port (STARTTLS)" in "Send mail/Conenction" combo list box and either "Secure to regular port (STARTTLS)" or "Secure to dedicated port (TLS)" in "Receive mail/Connection" combo list box.
Account Name

7. Go to "Account Properties" pad. Under "IMAP Options/For pre-defined folders, user IMAP mailboxes:", check "Send mail" and "Trash" check boxes. Enter the folder name "Sent" into "Sent mail" edit control and "Trash" into "Trash" edit control. This is to make sure that all your mail clients, including web mail @ perlovka, use the same folder to store sent and deleted e-mails.
Verify Information

8. Click "Advanced" button and make sure that your "Normal deletion (Delete key/toolbar button)" is set to "Move message to the Trash folder" as specified on this picture of "Advanced mail management" dialog box. Click "OK"
Advanced Mail Management

9. Set the options to the values that are the most appropriate for your network connection. However, we strongly recomment to leave the "Allow 8-bit characters in message header" unchecked. Checking it will definitely break the subject lines of your non-English e-mails.
Advanced Mail Management

10. Verify your information and click "OK". After you have successfully connected to the server, right-click your new account and select "Manage IMAP fodlers" from a context menu.
Advanced Mail Management

11. A new "Manage IMAP Folders" window box will appear. Check "Drafts", "INBOX", "Junk", "Sent" and "Trash" to subscribe to these functions. Depending on whether you are planning to save a local copy of the message, use one of the six options available in the "Synchronization mode" pull-down menu. Typically choice would be either "Headers only", "Full messages" or "New messages". When done, click "Close".
Advanced Mail Management

12. You are done.


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